Sunday, July 22, 2012

visitors from across the street

We had surprise visitors this morning.  Little Marcos and his Mama popped over to give me a photograph of the now 3 month old chubby little boy.  Maybe you remember my first encounter with Marcos, meeting him when he was only a few days old and then again a few weeks later.

I was thrilled to see him again!  I held and snuggled him for a bit.  He smiled at me when I cooed at him.  Justin (my awesome Amharic speaking husband) was my translator as I tried to communicate just how big and healthy he looked to his mother.  We also tried to explain how nice it was for me to hold a baby boy since all our babies have been girls.  She laughed in understanding.  It was a very heartwarming moment when he locked eyes with his mother and grinned at her.  The love between a baby and his mother is priceless.

He's growing so fast it looks like I'm going to have to dig up some bigger baby clothes to take across the street soon!  Such a precious baby boy.  


Heather P. said...

What a special treat to have your visitors, and a blessing on how big Marcos is getting! I have not blogged stalked much the past couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed catching have been a busy blogger! Love the piece on Salem's shop and congrats on the publication. I hope it brings some good business to them too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It's always amazing to me how universal parenthood is. We have different ways of doing things and different tools but, at the end of the day, so much of how we feel about our kids and about our role as parents is exactlyt eh same, no matter where we are. So glad you got to see baby Marcos again!

Lily said...

The little guy is supper cute