Tuesday, July 17, 2012

treasure hunt

The girls spent yesterday afternoon hunting for treasure, scavenger hunt style. It was so fun and easy!

We had two little Pringles cups with lids that were begging to be transformed into something pretty so Addie and I made little treasure boxes out of them.

These little single serving Pringles cups are perfect for this.  All you need is pretty paper, scissors, glue or tape, and stickers.

I helped with the hot glue portion of the craft.  Other than that, Addie did most of it herself.

Pony tail holders are the perfect rubber band to hold the glued paper in place for drying.

The final product ready for something sweet inside.

I spent a few moments drawing clues for the girls and hiding them around the house.  Tiny mailboxes housed a few of the clues.

Each new clue led them to a different location for the next clue and ultimately to their little treasure boxes with a lolly pop hidden inside.  I gave them the green light to eat the treat before dinner.  Lucky girls!  
They both declared that treasure hunting was fun and that we should to it again.  It was a perfect rainy day activity.  I had as much fun drawing clues as they did running around finding them.  


Megan said...

Awesome! so much fun. The little cans are so cute.

Sweet Athena said...

Sara, you have a very cute blog. I look forward to reading it more! Jess