Saturday, July 21, 2012

sidewalk livestock

Our little blonde crew draws a ton of attention on a normal day.  When we pull over on the side of a random road and pile out to ooh and aah over a snow white lamb; we draw a crowd.  

The streets and green spaces (read sidewalks) in Addis Ababa are always crowded with livestock of all sorts.  Herds of oxen, cattle, goats and sheep are always grazing and being herded by shepherds to and fro.  It's not unusual to have herd traffic on the roads competing with vehicle traffic.  It's ordinary for the Ethiopians.  When I saw the lamb, I knew the girls would think it was extraordinary so I told Zalalem to pull over.  I very politely asked the shepherd if I could show the girls and photograph the sweet little thing.
Very quickly the observers became the observed as local children and adults stopped dead in their tracks to watch the crazy ferengi taking pictures of the lamb.  We must have looked ridiculous but it was well worth it. The girls saw the lamb suckling his mama. It was an educational moment.  Isn't that what life overseas is all about?
Seriously? How could I not stop?

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