Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY: old frame-new cork board

During our move to Ethiopia, the glass on a framed vintage print broke.  Justin isn't entirely a huge fan of the print anyway and there is no place to hang it in our house, so I decided to get crafty and turn it into a cork board for Ladytroupe Sweets.  Cork board tiles are sold everywhere now with lots of sizes and thicknesses.

Stuff you will need:
old frame
cork board tiles (I used Quartet brand 8 pack of 12 in X 12 in tiles)
glue gun

The frame has a nice vintage feel and was still in good condition so I removed the print and saved the cardboard backing.  It took a bit to get the frame nails to come up using the pliers.

I used the card board backing as a template for cutting my cork board.  It's ideal if you have a frame small enough that you don't need to puzzle piece together the tiles OR if you have large enough cork board tiles to only need one to fill your frame.  My supplies are limited so I just try to make the best of what I have.  Most likely your frame will not be the size of the cork board tiles so cutting will be necessary.

Measured the tiles and cut them with sharp scissors.

Hot glued the cork board into place

Placed it back in the frame and hammered the frame nails back down.

If I could do it again I might put some tacky glue along the edges of the cork board tiles so the tiles glue together when placed down on the card board backing.  This might make the seams of the tiles less visable and give the illusion of one large cork board.

I plan on pinning multiple things up on the board so the seams will be covered by photos and such.
It's a great recycling project for an old print that no longer had space in my life.  Don't throw away your old frames!


Heather P. said...

That turned out so nice. I love your creativity!

Terry said...

If the seams are driving you nuts try adding ribbon.

Emily said...

That is an awesome idea! I think everyone needs a good cork board.