Tuesday, July 3, 2012

first tooth for Ash

In an attempt to get a picture of Ashlynn's first tooth I captured these shots of my little munchkin.  She's so precious it hurts!  But man is she stubborn and active and independent.  She's a ball of chubby energy!  The only photo that shows her very first tooth is blurry!  I tried!


Just US said...

She is such a cutie!!

Sara said...

Thank you! I think so too, even though I'm completely biased.

Calandra said...

Oh Sarah, these photos are precious. Ash is growing up so fast! Next thing you know, that gummy smile will be filled with a whole set of chompers! How did the teething go? It's so nice to know that Ash is a happy and active baby. =)

-Calandra Janocha