Monday, July 30, 2012

field journal

The girls and I were feeding the birds in our garden yesterday and a fun kid project popped in my head.  There are so many interesting birds, animals and plants in Ethiopia for us to learn about.  I helped Addie make a field journal to start recording some of the wildlife.

We used a school journal, the kind with space to draw a picture on top with lines below to write about it.  We could have just used the notebook as it was for a field journal but we only need a very mild excuse to make something prettier and get crafty.  We covered the notebook with pretty paper, added a thick layer of cardboard for a writing surface and personalized it with stickers.

Addie filled apron pockets with pencils, colored pencils, erasers, and a sharpener for her field work.  We went outside and started searching for things to draw and write about.  Of course the moment we go looking, the interesting birds disappear and we are left with little ordinary brown sparrows.  She did draw a pretty great rose bud though.

We plan on taking the journal with us when we travel so we can record the interesting species that we see all over Ethiopia.

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Anonymous said...

what a great idea! I can't wait until Will is old enough to do fun things like this with him (well I guess I can wait but I'll be glad when the time comes anyhow!)