Monday, July 16, 2012

in defense of my mom jeans

I'm just going to put this out there. I'm too old for ultra low rise jeans and I'm tired of my panties hanging out of the back of said ultra low rise jeans.  I'm not 17 any longer and when I was that age, jeans didn't have as low of a rise then, so I essentially have a 17 year old's problem at the age of 32.  It's not cool.

I'm in a constant state of bent over, kneeling, squatting and sitting with my children.  I buy long t-shirts and pull them down when I sit down.  I wear a belt to keep my jeans up, I tuck a camisole into my pants to try and hide my whale tail. I'm always tugging at my waistline when I stand back up. It's ridiculous and inappropriate to be a mom of three with my undies on display.

That's why I'm defending my new purchase of "mom jeans".  I have a pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans and I love them.  Don't hate me!  I bought my first pair of NYDJ as postpartum jeans after Ashlynn was born.  They are perfect for that self conscious stage when you are getting your body back but aren't quite your normal size yet.   I bought this second pair because I knew if I went down a size they'd fit and I don't have the option to go shopping and try on a bunch of different brand and styles of jeans.  Ethiopia is a little limiting in that way.
oh purple heels, how I miss you


  • They are high wasted and no matter how much I bend over my undergarments are concealed.  After three children I also need a bit of concealment in my abdominal area (can I get an Amen?) These are good for that.

side note: I actually measured, and these jeans are a full two inches higher in the front and back rise than my don't-forget-to-shave American Eagle skinny low rise jeans.  

  • The dark wash is slimming
  • The stretch is soft and comfortable
  • They aren't ultra long like designer brands.  The regular length hits me right where they should without alterations.
  • They are made in the U.S.A. and you can't say that about much these days.

  • Because they have some stretch in them after a few wears they start to loosen and not be so skinny anymore. (a quick wash and line dry tightens them up again though)
  • The dark wash on the pair I've owned for 8 months is faded at my knees where I kneel often which is kind of a bummer.  
  • The tushy on these jeans doesn't do a spectacular job on lifting and rounding.  It does a good job sucking-in if that's your desire.  
  • The back pockets are a tad too high, which for me is the tell tale sign that these are mom jeans.  My other designer jeans like 7 for All Mankind, have nice small low pockets that look nice on the tushy.  

this is why these jeans are mom jeans

Ultimately my new jeans are mom jeans because there is a lot of mothering going on when I where them.  I'm OK with it.  They may not be the sexiest jeans on the planet but I'm not really feeling the need to look sexy as I'm setting up the wooden train set bridge for the thirtieth time in one day.  Let's just say Addis Ababa isn't exactly the hot spot to be seen either!

Jeans are the best kind of outfit foundation.  If I were to pair these mom jeans with a lavender twinset and a pair of Danskos (nothing against my lady friends who wear either of these styles) I might argue that I would look more mommy-ish.  Instead I tend to pair these jeans with a long belted tunic sweater and boots or a t-shirt, cropped blazer and my flats and they look like any other pair of skinny jeans out there-just more comfortable and modest. I guess I'm making the case that you can own a pair of mom jeans but disguise the fact by wearing them with cute stuff.  OK-it's a bit of a stretch. Even I know this.

That's my defense for my mom jeans.  But I guess ultimately haters gonna hate.


Sunny said...

I think I need a pair of these. I think you look hot in them Sara and I am with you on the low rise is so not cool. Nice.

meredith said...

What ever happened to your Manila jeans?
I love those NYDJ on you - I was toying with a pair, and you may have convinced me....

Emily said...

I loved the "don't forget to shave" bit about the other low rise jeans. Classic.
I have a hard time wearing any jeans or pants. I feel very self conscious in them, which is why 85% of my wardrobe is skirts. That number is even higher here because it is hot and i dont wear a lot of shorts- I feel shorts look horrible on me.
I am glad you mentioned these jeans, I have looked at them before, now I will probably try them on.

Sara said...

yay! I new there was a reason we were friends ladies.

Those Manila jeans are way too big. There were so many disappointing fittings for them and the last time I tried them on I was 3 months pregnant. Now they need an entire new set of alterations. It's very sad but I was dealing with third world customer service on them.

Just US said...

Super cute!! Where did you order them from? I found one pair of NYDJ's at Ross the last time I was home but they are already starting to wear thin because I wear them ALL.THE.TIME.