Wednesday, July 18, 2012

tell me a story

Have you ever seen these creative story cards by eeBoo?  My sweet sister, Megan, sent Adelaide and Arabella the Mystery in the Forest set and they are absolutely adorable.  It's no wonder they won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Best Toy Award.  Each story set includes 36 illustrated cards that can be arranged in any order or any number of cards and then a story can be told by a parent or by the child.  It's imaginative genius.

The illustrations by Melissa Sweet are beautiful. Each picture on it's own tells a sweet little story.  Here are some of my favorites. 


I can't wait to use these cards to tell a story and spur on Adelaide's imagination.  Once she sees those sweet gold lockets and the birthday cake on the toadstool she will swoon!  I know I am. What is that little sparrow writing about?  Is the princess looking at something in her pocket or has she lost something?  The story ideas are endless.  These cards are such a fun way teach children to use their imagination in story telling.  

My plan is to arrange the entire set on our large cork board in the playroom so we can pin them up in an endless amount of arrangements.  They are so pretty it's going to take everything in me not to just frame the lot of them!

**Update**:  Addie and I pulled out these cards yesterday with the intention of me telling her a wonderful story but I couldn't get through a full minute of my story before she butted in and insisted that she was the story teller.  She proceeded to tell ME a wonderful story of intrigue and fantasy complete with a thieving raccoon, a magical button and shrinking princess.  It was spectacular.  At the end she said "The End.  Now let's do it again!"  I'm in story telling heaven with these cards.  Apparently, so is my daughter.

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