Thursday, July 5, 2012

cupcakes in a box

Today is our driver, Zalalem's birthday so the girls and I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting to give him a serious chocolate overload!  He kept raving about the cake I made for Addie's birthday party so we used the same recipe only instead of making him cart home an entire cake, we made cupcakes.  I love decorating cupcakes much more than cake anyway.  I pulled out my frosting tips and squeezed the gorgeous frosting on top to hide the fact that the middle of the cupcakes sunk after they came  out of the oven (high altitude issues for sure).  There is nothing frosting and sprinkles can't fix! Am I right?
Addie and I wrapped a box and lined it with tissue paper so the cupcakes looked nice.  He was thrilled when the girls presented him with the gift.  But really, who wouldn't enjoy a box of homemade cupcakes on their birthday?

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