Thursday, July 26, 2012

hallelujah for highlights

It's been since before I was pregnant with Ashlynn that I had my hair highlighted.  That was way back at Philippe's in Manila.  I've been nervous to make an appointment with my hair dresser at Boston Day Spa.  She's trimmed my hair twice now (both times with excellent results) and the spa is the nicest in Addis Ababa. I've still been hesitating. I'm always concerned that I'm going to look like a bottle blond after highlights.  The truth of the matter is that at my age after three kids I need highlights.  My naturally blonde hair is ultra drab without them.

So just as I decided to embraced bagged milk in Africa, I am embracing getting blonde highlights in Africa.  They both sound like a really bad idea at first but are ultimately a necessity in my life.

No turning back now!

I captured before and after shots.  Here I am in my super drab before state.  Now I know where all my forehead wrinkles are coming from.  Apparently I scrunch my forehead when taking pictures.  Awesome.

Here I am afterwards looking super fab.  Edet my stylist did a wonderful job on the color.  It's a great light blonde (al beit a bit bottled).  She could work on the foil technique a bit though. In some areas the color doesn't start at my scalp.  The highlights aren't uniform through my hair either.  There are some larger chunks here and there.  I shouldn't complain and I have no room to be picky (since I have no other salon options and the highlights cost me 525 birr, thats about $32). All in all I am happy and relieved.  Ultimately the color is my biggest concern and I like the way it turned out.  It lightens up my entire face.  I love how highlights can take a good five years off.  Hallelujah for highlights and a stylist who straightens my hair all super silky and lovely feeling.  You better believe it's a dry shampoo day tomorrow.  I want to preserve that silk.

While I was at Boston Day Spa...with my camera...I took some photos.  You aren't surprised are you?  I throw my camera in my bag everywhere I go.  I act like my big Nikon is an iPhone camera.  I always have.  My camera and I are inseparable.

I've been to the spa a few times for a mani/pedi (thanks to my awesome husband-he arranges it for me in advance, pays for it, then tells me to get in the car and the driver takes me to the spa. Isn't he amazing?!).  Every time I'm sitting there knee deep in soap suds, I am eyeing all the lovely photos I wish I could take.  So I marched in and asked to take some photos. 

I'm in love with the decor.  All the natural stone and wood.  Don't get me started about how much I love the cow hide chairs.  LOVE! I wonder if I would have enough weight allowance to bring home 6 chairs in our HHE if I get rid of all the baby gear before we leave Ethiopia?  Something to chew on for sure!
 When you come visit me in Addis Ababa, I'll take you to Boston Day Spa.  I promise!


The Gunning Family said...

Love the lanterns ... candles, I presume? Great idea for outdoor lighting here, though! Glad you feel five years younger with your highlights! Its funny how a day at the spa brightens our outlook on everything!

Terry said...

I do believe you have less forhead wrinkles after the coloring. :)

Andrew Ander said...

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