Monday, July 30, 2012

baking trials

Ladytroupe Sweets won't have it's official kick-off sale until Friday September 7.  A lot of American families are out of town for rainy season and the Market Day at the embassy isn't drawing a crowd right now.  Plus, I have big deal Kindergarten to get ready for, crafty projects to complete for my little baking en devour and I'm still perfecting some recipes!

No one in the house minds that I'm running baking trials.  Neither do our friends who received a little gift box full of mini Bella Nut pies this weekend.  They are delicious and after some work, they look great too!  Go see for yourself.

I've also been working on my scone recipe.  I've always used a wonderful basic scone recipe that calls for heavy cream.  This time I tried a similar recipe from a new soul mate friend!  They were spectacular and now I'm trying to decide which recipe will be better for doubling.  I have some pretty fantastic scone add-in flavors in mind.  This batch was chocolate chip hazelnut.  They were perfectly flaky with a nice sugar crust on top.  Last week was savory cheddar, bacon with rosemary (to die for).  I'm trying dried cherry, white chocolate with toasted almonds next.

Seriously!?  Don't you wish you were in Addis Ababa so you could come check out Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice?  I can't wait.


Emily said...

Yes. I do wish I could come and try out all of your yummies!

Heather P. said...

I do, that sounds delicious!