Sunday, May 16, 2010

teething update

I'm pretty sure Arabella is getting four teeth on top. The front two followed by the two on either side. She had a little fall on Saturday where she bumped her chin on the ground and her bottom teeth cut through the sensitive skin on her top gums. There was blood and a rush to get a rag and then ice cubes to suck on. She was fine. The cut was tiny and she was over it in 2 minutes when she realized how good the ice felt on her mouth. The next morning I was putting ice in a glass of water (damn that water cooler that has been broken since the first year we moved in). She started waving her arms in excitement when she saw the ice. She sat on Justin's lap contentedly sucking on an ice cube for a good 20 minutes! The remedy that trumps baby Oragel and Motrin combined!

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Rachel said...

That picture just breaks my heart. I can only imagine the kind of pain Bella is in! Have you ever tried teething tablets? They worked well for Riley and now Hadley.