Monday, May 3, 2010

Dad and his girls

Addie's always been a Daddy's girl. Bella's my Mommy's girl but she's figured out that Dad is totally awesome during playtime. She starts squealing and crawling/walking/stumbling to the door when Justin comes home whistling every evening (sometimes when there are maintenance crews on the floor and the guys whistle, Addie gets excited thinking her Dad is home). Addie drops everything she is doing (even if it's eating her dinner) and flat out runs for the door. From the time he gets through the door until bath time it's Daddy time. I have to peel the girls from him so he can get out of his work clothes. It's cute to see Arabella develop such a tight bond with her Daddy. It's taken some time, and she still prefers me at night, but Daddy's totally cool in her book now. Justin has two girls who are utterly devoted to him. Remember when this was the Daddy-daughter shot? This picture was taken last July 1.

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Rachel said...

My nieces sure do have a great dad! I can't wait until my girls can play with their fun Uncle Justin!!