Monday, May 24, 2010

sans Yaya

Yaya Cora is in the Visayas this week with her family for her father's funeral. They waited two weeks to hold the funeral so all the huge extended family could travel from all over SE Asia to be there. Two weeks is a terribly long time to wait to be buried in my book.

*side note-not to get morbid or anything but embalming is usually good for a week and the extra week in the Manila heat just can't be good for Cora's late father. This has made me think a lot about my plans for when I'm gone (don't ask me why it just popped in my head after thinking about the possibility of my soul hovering about my body for two weeks before anyone does anything about it). I've decided to be cremated. Please make note.

Yes, Yaya is gone this week, which is sad because she will miss Addie's birthday party, her real birthday, and her school "graduation" or the end of the year celebration as we have re-named it in our house. My husband has a severe aversion to anything being called graduation that isn't for high school or college. I kind of have to agree with him on this issue. It is what it is though, right?

On Friday night we gave Cora two weeks pay, hugged her goodbye and told her to enjoy her week away from us (she was so sad to be away from the kiddos for a week). I laughed and told her to enjoy it and not worry about us although she could plan on the house being a wreck when she returned. I will admit that I breathed a huge sigh of relief when she left and I knew that our little family of four would be the only ones in our home for a full week! Wonderful! The privacy intensifies when she is gone and suddenly we feel relaxed and alone in our own space and it's a good feeling after you haven't been truly alone for a long time. That night I walked around the house naked and munched on some chocolate from the pantry without feeling guilty cause there was no one there to see it but me! I could make out with my hubby on the couch it we wanted to. What a novel idea. HA! We read and fell asleep in bed early like usual though.

I'm determined to do this alone this week smoothly! It's just me and the girls during the day and I'm in charge of all the laundry, dishes, cooking, playing, party planning, and everything. I am staying on top of it all and I'm desperate to do so. If I don't manage it all gracefully this week, I will have turned into a lazy woman who NEEDS my helper. I don't want to need her. I want her to be a nice addition. Not a necessity. I actually miss the household chores like laundry and sweeping the floors and making the beds. I like the satisfaction of seeing a clean house after my labors. On a usual day when Cora is here I can spend all my time devoted to playing with the girls, making up silly games, building forts, and assisting with art projects etc. Now I get to manage my time to do that but still make dinner and clean house. (to all my friends and family back home-please don't hesitate to roll your eyes at this moment and mutter something along the lines of "join the club-I do that everyday"). My girls are used to having me as their playmate and are not too keen on the idea that "Mommy has to do the dishes or cook so you can sit here with your books and read to yourself for a few minutes." So is the way of the world I tell them.

I have this week to pretend that I'm living without a full-time helper who does all the stuff I don't want to do. I will do it this week and I will do it well. Although here is why being a SAHM Mom in the Philippines will never be like it is in the States...
1. I do not have a dishwasher and all dishes have to be done by hand (poo)
2. I cannot take the girls outside to play or go for a walk.
3. If I need something for cooking I cannot jump in the car with the girls and go pick it up at the store.
4. If we are bored at home I can't just run to Chick-fil-A for lunch and let the girls play on the play equipment for a little break.
5. The pollution from the city finds it's way into our home and coats the floors requiring them to be mopped often.
6. Picking up Addie from school means that we all have to sit in the car for an hour, in traffic, and the heat.
7. I can't just call my Mom/sister/friend and go visit. We live a million miles away.

Yesterday went really well! After Arabella's second nap she snuggled on my lap for a little while before she realized that her sister had a lolly pop and she wanted a lick too. I got her a little chocolate bunny so she could have a treat as well and broke off a tiny bite for her to suck on. I set the rest of the bunny in a bowl on the table next to the sofa and got up for a split second. When I turned around I saw her leaning over the arm of the couch munching on the bunny. She's no dummy and I couldn't help but laugh at her. One thing I definitely am used to is having another adults eyes on the girls at all times. My two eyes have to be extra vigilant this week. Otherwise there is going to be to much chocolate consumed by my youngest little Bean.Hooray for having our home sans Yaya this week. I'm not saying I won't be tired after the week is done but I'm hoping I can say I did it all by myself without any major meltdowns (from me that is). Wish me luck!


Sunny said...

Its going to suck but having a maid also sucks. Today I threw a tantrum about having a driver. I am tired of being driven around. I want to just be myself, good for you Sara. Call me if you need me to take the kids (thats what we do in the US).

Sara said...

Yes, sick of being driven around too. Tired of not having total control. We are good here so far. Trying to figure out when I'm going to prepare for party. I think Wed night!

Rachel said...

Welcome to my world!

Sara said...

Rach, we definitely have already established that you need a Yaya/helper way more than I do! I wish I could send you one so you can take a breather! Love you!