Monday, May 3, 2010

art show

Adelaide's school had an art show last Thursday for all the projects the kids have been working on for the past few months. Addie made an extra special sculpture that she named "Lucy". She stuck it under Lucy's nose when we got home to show her. The entire family came to support Addie's budding art career. The pieces are displayed in the house now. She's especially proud of the pencil holder she made. I was thinking back on the numerous pencil holders I made as a kid over the years. Why is it always a pencil holder? Addie posed with Teacher Weng, her favorite teacher at school. Bella's like "Hmm, I wonder how long it would take me to pull all those art projects off the tables?"

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Megan said...

Great job Addie! Looks as if Auntie Megan has a budding crafty apprentice! "Lucy" is priceless and she was channeling some Hokie colors with the hand print. Can't wait to see you all.

Love, Megan