Monday, May 31, 2010

Shangri-La De Da

I'm not sure how we managed it, but we were up and out of the house with the girls fed and dressed and everything packed on-time Saturday morning for our flight to Cebu. Talk about feats of greatness. Arabella had a hard time sitting still on our laps for the flight so we had to keep her entertained. Luckily it was an hour flight which is like chump change when you've done around-the-world flights. Adelaide was so excited she could barely sit still herself. She asked what the infant flotation device was for when the flight attendant handed it to me for Bella. Justin made the mistake of explaining to her that it was in case we had to land on the water. When the plane banked over the water in Cebu as we landed, Addie was totally freaked out about us landing on the water. We had to explain that it wasn't happening and that we were definitely touching down on dry land. Poor girl thought a water landing was a real possibility.
The Shangri-La Mactan Resort in Cebu was everything people said it would be. Definitely a 5 star resort with no-Filipino character (great if you want to escape the Philippines for a bit). The pools and grounds were pristine. The beach was beautiful with crystal clear water, tropical fish to swim with, white sands to play in; everything we were hoping for. It really felt like we were a world away from Manila for the weekend. The view from our balconyThe first afternoon at the beach was a tad overcast, still hot and beautiful though. We all grabbed lunch at the grill next to the pools. After re-fueling Addie and Justin headed to the beach while I let Bella take a nap in the room. Bella and I joined soon after and we stayed at the beach until almost 5 PM. This, we would later realize was a big mistake... Yay for mango shakes! This time ginger orange was our favorite.Bella discovered how much she loves the sand. Eating it too. Family shots, a nice lady offered to take a few for us.There's always one picture of my Mama's girl with me, she doesn't stop wiggling.Bella trying out the water sports at the resort

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