Sunday, May 16, 2010

curry dreams squashed

While pumping my breast milk for Arabella I cut out all spice and curry to try to eliminate some of the gas she experienced at a very young age. I found out the hard way the curry wasn't sitting in her tummy well. Bland food was my punishment for the next 8 months. The sacrifices we Mothers make for our children is simply endless!

I tested out eating curry and spice again when she was maybe 11 months. I can't remember for sure. She wasn't bothered by it at all and since then it's all I want to eat! Thai curry, Indian curry, homemade curry; it doesn't really matter as long as it's tasty and spicy. On Friday night we had Thai food with friends to celebrate her birthday. I had a delicious Panang curry with chicken and for some reason it didn't satisfy my curry obsession. Saturday night we decided to go for another round of Thai food at People's Palace at Greenbelt (also good Thai food and within a nice walkable area for families). We arrived at the early bird special time of 4:30 PM and sadly the restaurant was closed due to a down gas line! Seriously?! We had to make a choice to drive to Queens for Indian curry or settle for California Pizza Kitchen that was within walking distance. Justin and I made the right decision for the girls that night. Given their terrible dinner manners at CPK (due to a corner round booth table-not a good idea-imagine lots of standing and laying down on the benches) I'm glad we didn't try to drive to the nicer restaurant. Justin and stomached our pizza and rootbeer while I dreamed of spicy chicken curry and garlic naan. Now I am really craving a curry fix.

This is the cuteness we see during our car rides now that Bella sits facing forward in her car seat.Lovie is not normally allowed at the dinner table. I think we had a parenting moment of weakness due to our broken hearts about the Thai place being closed. I'm a little embarrassed by this photo of my almost 3 year old. The little baby dino is so sad because he has to eat BBQ chicken pizza instead of Tom Ka Gai and green curry! Justin actually ordered the Thai Chicken Pizza!


Rachel said...

That bbq chicken pizza from CPK sounds pretty delish to me!! Better luck next time for your curry craving!

Kristin said...

You are embarrassed that your 3 year old has a lovie? Sarah, I am almost 30! I am clearly the one with the problem!