Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arabella at one year (and a few weeks)

We saw our pediatrician yesterday for Arabella's one year exam. I'm a tad late on getting her in but at least we got it done. She's 22 lbs and 13 ounces and 30 inches. Her head circumference is 47 cm which they informed me is really large for her age. I'm not surprised her noggin is huge. Have you seen my husbands melon? More space for brain right? The doctor heard the murmur in her heart as well but wasn't discouraged by it given that she's growing and meeting all her milestones.

The doctor and I spent most of our time discussing Arabella's waking at night for feedings still. She was comfortable with her waking at 10PM for a little sip but the additional night waking at around 3AM just has to go. She was more worried about me getting enough sleep than anything. I told her I was so used to waking up I didn't really know otherwise but what a novel idea that the pediatrician was trying to get Mom more sleep. Her advice was simple and effective and I feel rather silly that I hadn't thought of it before. She confirmed what I already knew about Arabella waking out of habit for the bottle but also to snuggle with me. I implemented the doctors advice last night. Bella woke at 10:30 PM and as usual drank a few ounces of milk and went back to sleep. I held her like I normally do. Then at 1:30AM woke again. I ignored her and tried to go back to sleep. Her crying elevated so I decided to try out the doctor's suggestions. I went in her room and didn't pick her up from her crib but just rubbed her back and told her I was right there. I handed her the bottle to see if she wanted to drink a little bit but she was so angry that I wasn't going to pick her up she refused the bottle. I told Bella good night and left the room. She cried some and I just put my ear plugs in. She fell back asleep and slept on through until 7AM without waking for another feeding. Genius! So simple and so crazy that I hadn't thought of it. I was so focused on the bottle issue of whether I should switch it to water so she wouldn't want it anymore that I didn't even think of removing myself as the object that she really wanted. I think that was the single most effective piece of advice I've ever received from a doctor. I feel pretty good today after getting that huge chunk of consecutive sleep. Bella woke happy as always with those puffy under-eyes her Dad gets. I love those little puffs.

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