Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a little messier but no more worse for the wear

Day 2 went well! I managed to host a play date in the afternoon and still cook a healthy dinner for my family. I love cooking steak when Cora is gone. I never buy expensive meat for her to cook ever since she broiled $10 steaks for 30 minutes. She loves to overcook meat which drives me nuts. It's really nice taking over my kitchen and not having to keep my mouth shut when I see her doing something that just isn't the way I'd do it. Having to hold my tongue is a regular occurrence in my house and it's nice to do things the way I want for a change. Yes, I tell her the way I like it done but I don't micro-manage her.

Yesterday I marinated a flank steak all day and then grilled it for 10 minutes flipping it just once. We had mashed potatoes and asparagus just the way I like them on the side. Perfect meal cooked perfectly the way I wanted it. Awesome. I'm loving it.

The girls aren't noticing anything different about their days. In fact, I'm really the only one who has had to change anything. I'm definitely more tired at the end of the day and I spend the majority of the time in the kitchen making food, cleaning up after the meal, doing the dishes, and planning for the next meal. Now I recall why we had a lot of 30 minute Trader Joe's meals when we lived in the States and I was working full-time. It's a luxury to make a healthy meal from scratch. It's so time consuming.

Last night, the girls and I sat down to our steak after I raced around to get it cooked before they both turned the hungry corner. Justin gets home at his usual time of about 6:15PM in his gym clothes. What? Oh he just decided to hit the gym after work since he didn't get a chance during his lunch break that day. Men hard at work right? Wouldn't we all like to have a Freaky Friday-like day where the Dad's stay home for a change? Even when Yaya is at our house I'd like him to swap a day. Justin is always good about giving me positive affirmations about my good work at home and how I'm an amazing Mother, great wife, awesome cook, etc. Staying at home and raising the kids is my full-time job isn't it? The lines are drawn though aren't they? And I was the one who drew them when I decided to stay home. I like to remind myself of this fact when I get envious of things like "popping into the gym."

I should be fair and say that Justin's routine has changed as well, he walks the dog at night, takes out the trash and helps put away or wash dishes. As always he is up at the crack of dawn with the girls and helping me get the girls to bed. He is a very hard working man; at home and at the office. I'm so lucky he's such a hands-on Dad.

Addie helped me with the treat bags for the party yesterday and I got the cake in the oven this morning. Things are moving right along for the third birthday party.


Seth said...
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The Gunning Family said...

Addie looks like she's got everything well organized! Hope she enjoys her celebration!

Elyse said...


How many times have you had to say, Not now honey, I have to cook or do the dishes or clean up? I always hate saying that to my boys, but you gotta do what you gotta do! ;) Enjoy the freedom in the kitchen and eat a nice medium steak for me!