Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's better than Mama?

The heat has been unbearable in Manila lately. After a trip to the market on Saturday, Addie and I went to the pool while Bella took her afternoon nap. Justin volunteered to stay upstairs and nurse his cold. The pool felt wonderful and we stayed almost two hours. When we returned, Bella was still sleeping. She woke soon after we arrived and laid her sweaty head on my chest and snuggled for awhile. She's typically not a cuddly baby unless she's asleep so I tried to hold on to her as long as I could. She quickly noticed the Cheetos her sister was munching on and wanted one too. I rushed Justin to get the camera to capture the snuggle before the desire for a Cheeto got to be too much for her. In the last picture she actually has a Cheeto in her hand and is sucking on it while she lays on my chest. That must be the perfect combo for any baby. Cheetos and Mama at the same time!

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