Friday, May 28, 2010

recovery day

The girls and I literally stayed in the house all day and did not even attempt to do anything other than play, eat, and clean. The girls did the first two. I did the third and forgot about playing and eating. I had coffee for breakfast and cake for lunch. Damn good cake on day 2. This morning after breakfast I did the unthinkable and plugged in a video for them to watch while I worked. It's not that I never do this, I just try not to do it often. Obviously, it's happened more this week since Yaya is gone. After our crazy day yesterday the house was a disaster area. It took me until noon to get most of the house organized, the toys put away, and the kitchen cleaned. Then it was lunch time which resulted in more mess. The girls continued to enjoy Addie's new toys and just created a mess right where I had previously cleaned one up. I didn't shower all day and still haven't showered as I write this. It's terribly gross but I kind of figured that if I had not found time to shower before lunch it was just not going to happen today.

This is how Arabella spent a good hour this morning. She wouldn't let me put her down and I had stuff to do so she came right along with me. After an hour she spotted something interesting Addie was doing and decided she wanted out to play. Of course on my clean-up day Addie was adorably creative in her imaginary play. The new wooden pizza and play cookware set got her ready to do some cooking. It was all day with the Barbie dolls, the baby dolls, the food. I heard things like "Mom, come on the girls (Barbies) are flying to the States cause their Daddy's coming home." "Mommy, this girl can't go to America cause her bug bite. Hurry, the bug bite is going to get you.". "Mommy, Bella and Tina (Baby dolls) and the girls are going swimming, we are packing for the beach (she holds up a bag with the Barbie gowns in it), come on and get in with us. Take off your pants but wear your panties." "I'm making soup, can you make me one of those that open and close (she gestures with her hands the opening of a door), like that one (pointing at our oven)." And so we made a cardboard oven with a stove top and she began cooking her food on top while her baby doll sat in the oven portion (?). All day she was concerned about the bug bites and not letting the monsters get us. She made soup and stew which was always too hot to eat. She is definitely in a monster stage right now. She builds little barriers with blocks, books, pillows, clothes, shoes, anything around to keep out the monsters. She desperately wanted me to come join all day and I really wanted to just sit down and get engrossed in the Barbie vacation to the States or the award winning burning hot soup she was creating but I just couldn't. At one point I kneeled down and took her little face in my hands and carefully told her that I wanted to play but because Yaya wasn't here this week I really needed to do some of the things that Yaya does, like laundry and dishes and sweeping. She was a good sport about it and seemed to understand. She is so funny and creative. I love hearing what she comes up with. I know in a year or even less she's going to be tugging Bella around on her make-believe adventures and I'm so happy for all the fun they will have together.

Once I had things in a semi-orderly state, I pulled out the suitcase to pack for our weekend BEACH TRIP! Addie's birthday is tomorrow and she's so excited to go to the beach for her birthday. We can't wait to spend a few days on the sand and in the water. The resort is supposed to be top notch so I can hardly wait to get there. It will be our first time in Cebu and we've heard nothing but great things about the island. Farewell until next week!


Jill said...

Hope you have a great trip! We'd heard that Cebu was a great place... so bummed we never made it there!

And boy do I know about the munchkins not wanting to be put down. Great idea to put them in the carrier. I'm going to have to try that this week!

The Gunning Family said...

Happy birthday to Addie. Hope you all had a great get away.