Sunday, May 16, 2010

family dinner

The last two Sunday's we've had a home cooked family dinner where we all sit nicely at the dinning room table instead of the chaos that ensues when we eat in the kitchen. Usually I end up eating alone after the kids are done and Justin is running after them. It's a nice family tradition that we are starting. Adelaide likes it when we all sit down together and say Grace and eat and talk. We'd love to do it every meal but Justin's work schedule doesn't allow for it. Last night I threw together our favorite fish taco recipe with mango coleslaw that is pretty delicious. I knew the girls would only eat the fish and rice since the coleslaw is a little too spicy for them. We had some leftover noodles from our mac-n-cheese on Friday so I sauteed them with a little olive oil, green olives and mozzarella cheese. This goes against my don't make anything special for the kids rule but I had time since the fish cooked so fast and Justin had taken the girls to the park so I could cook in peace (sweet husband of mine). Bella scarfed up the fish, rice, and noodles while Addie ate just the fish and rice. We asked her to eat a few bites of her pasta if she wanted to have a brownie for dessert (she loves olives but this was the first time she'd seen green olives). She quickly pointed out very matter-of-factly that "the olives are brown like my booger that was in my nose". Justin and I burst out laughing cause that's just a kid telling it like they see it and the olives were the exact color of a booger she pulled out of her nose before dinner. Her feelings were hurt that we were laughing so hard and started crying. Addie is really very sensitive and we felt bad. After we calmed her tears and wiped away ours from laughing she finished her bites of pasta, sans booger colored olives, and got a piece of brownie. Too funny!

No food color issues for this hungry one year old!The culpritThe devoured meal

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Ooh! I'd love the mango coleslaw recipe!