Wednesday, May 19, 2010

nutty for muddy buddies

I'm not going to pretend that this snack is for the kids. The truth is that Justin and I devour handfuls of this yummy snack after the girls go to sleep. We've made two batches of Chex Muddy Buddies in the last three weeks because S&R (Costco lite) has had Chex cereal in stock. Since you never know if they will ever have Chex again I bought two big boxes. I only remembered how much we loved using Chex for Muddy Buddies when I was getting the box down one morning and saw the Muddy Buddy recipe on the side. I had to make it right away because it brought back so many memories of Justin and I munching on this snack in our house in Virginia. Addie's made the Muddy Buddies with me both times because if anything is getting made in the kitchen, she wants in on the action. I'm impressed with her growing measuring skills.

This recipe is super kid friendly and fun to make. Addie and I made this batch on Monday (gosh I hope it was Monday) and Justin and I finished the last bites last night (Wednesday) during the replay of American Idol (a show on it's last leg if you ask me). When we finished it I told Justin not to let me make another batch. It's one of those snacks you can't stop eating.

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