Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flat Stanley in Manila

I get goose bumps when I experience amazing teaching moments. The kinds of moments that I hope my girls will get during their elementary schooling. I had a few really great teachers as a kid and I know a few GREAT teachers who have devoted themselves to giving kids in public schools the best education they can. These are the teachers who make differences in kids lives. An awesome first grade teacher in Illinois is doing just that. I'm so excited that we could be a part of a really great geography project for his class in Valmeyer, IL.

Each child in this first grade class made a paper Flat Stanley based on the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. In the story Stanley is flattened by a falling bulletin board and starts to travel the world since he can fit in an envelop due to his unfortunate (or fortunate however you look at it) accident. The first graders sent their Flat Stanley off into the world to travel from location to location every week for a month. We received one little boy's Flat Stanley in the mail last week and have been showing him around Manila ever since. We took Stanley to the Salcedo Market yesterday to introduce him to some of the cuisine in the Philippines. Stanley was pretty jet legged from his long travel in the envelop all the way from the States but he's quickly adjusting to his stay in SE Asia. Soon Stanley will be on his way back to be reunited with his buddy in Valmeyer, IL. It's pretty cool he made it all the way to us. We are happy to host Flat Stanley for a week in Manila.

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Elyse said...

My niece sent us a Flat Stanley last year and he ended up going to Disney World with us. He was treated to some nice pictures with Mickey and all his friends and even sent home some stickers for her entire class. It really is such a cool thing to see where these flat pieces of paper can go in the world!