Monday, May 31, 2010

Adelaide turns 3 in paradise

Adelaide Rose was the sweetest birthday girl on Saturday. She woke up early as usual and came to snuggle with me in bed before we got ready for the airport. I nestled my face in her hair on the back of her neck and told her Happy Birthday. She flipped over and wrapped her arms around my neck and told me she was giving me a birthday hug, then she planted a kiss on my cheek and said it was her birthday kiss. I told her the hugs and kisses usually go the other way around but I wasn't going to complain about a snuggle from her. She was happy and smiling the entire day after that. All day she told people it was her birthday and that she was three (holding up her three fingers). She was very polite and said thank you every time someone wished her a Happy Birthday. The resort brought cake to the room for her when we arrived and we sang to her and let her open a few gifts we had packed along with us. She received a special birthday song from the play zone ladies as well as balloons. I have never seen her more cheerful and excited as she was on her third birthday. She was jumping around posing for pictures on the beach. She was talkative with the other kids and families on the beach. She wasn't shy about making friends to play. It was as if turning 3 had suddenly given her some maturity and bravery. I was so proud of her all day. She was extremely polite and used her good manners when interacting with everyone around her. She seemed bigger and older to us that day. Three years ago she came into our lives and we will never be the same. She's a joy in every way.

We pushed the day a little too long for the girls and didn't get back to the hotel room, showered, and off to Chinese food dinner until 6:15 PM. Bella had turned the tired and hungry corner and Addie was on her way even before the food had arrived at the table. Bella scarfed some fried rice and then announced in her non-verbal way that there was no way she was going to be sitting at that table now that she had eaten her fill. The food was arriving, Justin was walking with Bella, dishes were getting dropped, Addie was laying on the booth benches, no one was sitting still, there was screaming and crying, and Justin and I were feeling embarrassed. I kindly asked the waiter to just wrap up all the food to-go so we could take it back to the room. I pushed back tears of regret. Here we were at this beautiful resort full of delicious food to eat and sights to see and we had asked for our food to-go. That's just what we did. He even threw in a piece of cake for the birthday girl. After a story the girls passed out and Justin and I headed to the ever-dreaded balcony. We have spent countless evenings on the balconies of our hotel rooms since having children. Our girls are asleep for the night by 7:00 PM and we are then limited to sitting on the balcony and watching the rest of the resort come to life just as our evening is coming to an end. I joked that we see most of the island paradises we visit through the bars of the balconies where we spend our evenings and nap times. The imprisonment of parenthood. That evening we sat and finished our Chinese food dinner and then read a bit. Exhausted ourselves we turned in (tiptoeing around our hotel room) at 8:30PM.

Justin and I definitely need the early bedtimes during our beach trips because Addie is always up early and Arabella has a hard time sleeping in a new place. Clearly, she hates the Pack-N-Play. Both nights she was up for a bottle at 10PM then up just to scream between midnight and 1 AM. Both nights I had to put her on my chest and let her sleep on me until I couldn't breath from the weight. She ended up sleeping next to me under the blankets. Being such a picky sleeper, I never thought Arabella would sleep in bed with Justin and I. The first night she woke herself up a few times and would giggle when she'd feel Justin next to her. The second night she just passed out in between us and I can't say I minded. I love snuggling with my girl when she lets us. Monday morning Justin and I couldn't help but smiling even after the interrupted sleep. Waking up to our smiling puffy-eyed daughters in bed with us is pretty sweet. We may not get to spend our evenings out enjoying the resort night life but we always have the first pick of umbrellas on the beach in the morning. Early mornings on vacation happen to be a nice way to enjoy resorts. I only realize this after lots of coffee and a good breakfast. Then everything looks brighter. We spend a full day playing!

Balloons at 6AM! This is the best day EVER!I know how you feel Bean. That sun is too bright this time of morning. Up and at 'em we had the breakfast buffet to ourselves that morning before the rest of the resort woke up. "More coffee please" was my mantra.

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Rachel said...

I don't think there is a better way to celebrate any birthday than in paradise!! I can't believe Addie is already 3!! Happy Birthday Addie!!!