Sunday, May 23, 2010

just what I needed

Spending the weekend with my husband and two kids was just what I needed to bring me down from the ledge of last week. Friday night Justin and I grabbed dinner and wine before heading to a friends' going away party. Since we can't pack alcohol in our household shipments when moving from country to country everyone throws a party before they go to get rid of their alcohol. I had about a quarter of a "bad decision margarita". It was delicious but strong so I see how it got it's name.

Chef Daddy made our new favorite chocolate chip pancakes again on Saturday morning. It's a great start to the weekend. We then headed to sweet Tiger's first birthday party. There was a little one year old pow wow between Bella and the other toddlers. Once she saw me taking photos it was all over. Look at that dramatic face. She just stomped on everyone to get to me. Check out Bella's adorable polka dots thanks to Aunt Rachel and Uncle Trey! Tiger's Dad made the most delicious soft chocolate chip cookies. They were topped with course salt. Yum! Addie and Stella had their usual little girl drama as well. Sharing vs. not sharing. It's so funny to see them interact. They love each other...sometimes. We all trekked to Aussie Rules Football to watch Justin play. I packed healthy snacks to share with the other little kids All the Australian kids love Goldfish crackers. Addie immediately ran to find her other little friends Bridget and Neve. She was covered in sand and filth within five minutes. The little girls she plays with are so cute. All I heard was "Addie come with us, let's go find some shells." Adelaide was in heaven. Bella just walks around playing with the toys and balls trying to keep up with the other kids. She was quite taken with another little boy who was a new walker. She kept grabbing his shoulders and smiling. Bella wandered on the field after she saw her Dad once or twice so you can imagine I just chase the girls around the entire time. Justin was like a little boy at a pick-up game, giddy with excitement. He really loves playing with the Aussies. He jammed his finger and was thoroughly dehydrated the next day but he was happy.

After we got the girls in bed that night Justin and I ordered Thai food from our favorite Thai place here in Manila. AzuThai has to be the best Thai I will ever eat. I finally got my curry fix with the panang beef curry and a huge bowl of Tom Ka Gai. Best food ever. We were in food comas after all the Thai flavors and sat and watched "City Slickers" on TV cause neither of us could move to put in a DVD. Awesome movie. I love the ice cream show down with Ira and Berry. Seriously classic movie. I always cry when Billy saves Norman the baby calf in the river.

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Rachel said...

You forgot to mention the best part of your weekend, talking to me!! Ha Ha! Bella looks adorable in her outfit! Glad you had a nice weekend!