Sunday, May 16, 2010

diaper decisions

We went through the Pampers shipment faster than I thought we would (of course) and when I tried to order from CVS again I got the "not in stock" statement of horror when I tried to put the order in my shopping cart. They don't ship diaper boxes larger than the 80 count to military addresses and buying lots of the little packages doesn't save money. In irritation I closed out of CVS and tried Amazon and a few other spots. No luck. I gave up this time ordering diapers. I left the diaper situation until there was a small stack of three left in Bella's dresser and then announced on Sunday we NEEDED to go buy some diapers. I opted for the expensive imported box of Huggies instead of the local crappy ones. Oh the joys of bringing home a big fresh box of diapers. These 200 diapers cost me 3,125 pesos. That's about $70. Ouch! That's about $30 more than what I could buy in the States. Only problem is that then I have to pay for shipment which could be $15. It's only about $15-$20 savings. I'm thinking the new Moms I know in the P.I. who are doing cloth diapers made a good decision!

Okay seriously, I know I've said it before but Adelaide really does own clothing but rarely chooses to wear them in the house. We do insist that she is clothed when we leave the house of someone comes over. I promise!


Jill said...

Ugh... shipping diapers. We go through far more than we anticipate as well...

Of course, I'm always looking for the best deal and often change the website where I purchase them. I recently got size 4 Pampers Cruisers from - and paid only $5 for shipping.

Lindsey Mae's Blog (Jess) said...

Ugh...I completely understand why you pay extra for the imported diapers. I learned my lesson last week when Lindsey's diaper literally fell off on four separate occasions because the velcro just broke. Luckily, we just got out UAB with two Costco-sized boxes of Huggies in it!