Saturday, June 5, 2010

two dates and two goodbyes

Friday afternoon my favorite little boys came to play with Addie and Bella while the Mommies had one last nail salon trip together. It was an appropriate last outing since Jenny took me to this nail salon one of the very first times we hung out together two years ago. Now the kids are all two years older and Bella was added to the mix during our time together. There were tears all around when we hugged goodbye. Indian food and karaoke was our Friday night date for Kristi and Brian's going away party. Justin rocked an awesome rendition of "Ice, Ice Baby" again (last time was Marine Ball 2009). It's a crowd pleaser and he doesn't even need the words because he knows it by heart. Thus stealing my heart 9 years ago. He assisted a friend with "Barbie Girl" doing the creepy voice that says "Come on Barbie, let's go party." She was so surprised with his karaoke skills. I laughed when she exclaimed "Who knew Justin had it in him?". You don't know my husband darling, cause he always has it in him.The "Single Ladies" crew with one last numberSaturday night we celebrated with Kristi and Brian again at the Sofitel buffet, sitting outside on a hot but breezy Manila night. The rain threatened but never fell as we all took part in the best buffet I've ever experienced. Adelaide had an opportunity to say goodbye to them earlier that night and gave them her homemade going-away gifts. She sculpted Brian and Kristi "snowmen" from model clay and decorated them with glitter. Pride shown on her face as they opened their gifts. She didn't have any problem planting a few kisses on Brian's cheek. Brian was Addie's favorite and I'm pretty sure that she might be all the inspiration they needed over this past year to agree to start a family for themselves someday. Woo Hoo! We are going to miss this lovely couple very much. Until next time...

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