Tuesday, June 8, 2010

produce for one, camp for the other

Arabella is totally obsessed with a few things. She's obsessed with my house keys, the dog's leash, my embassy ID badge (the metal clip on it), and produce. The other day she was running around with an avocado, later it was a mango she turned to mush, and today a lemon and an onion. What? She loves avocado and citrus fruit so she likes to try to sink her teeth in the lemon. She carries them around like it's a doll or toy. When you try to take the produce back she screams and acts as if you've taken her pacifier. Although, grabbing her pacifier doesn't even elicit that response. She's kooky!Adelaide is attending Camp Amerikids for the next two weeks. She's on day two. It's from 9:30 to 1PM and afterward she is exhausted. Yesterday she didn't get a nap since I was at the never-ending-salon experience. Yaya can't even raise her voice to scold Addie for misbehaving let along insist that she lay down for a nap. Addie knows this and completely works Cora over and over. My girl is clever and knows that she can get away with things with Yaya that she normally wouldn't get away with. Today, Mom put her food down and she laid down with me in bed just to rest and relax. As my eyes start drooping she snuggles up next to me and closes hers. I doze for 15 minutes, she falls asleep for an hour and a half. Addie hasn't taken regular naps since she was about 2 and a half, maybe younger. It's unlike her to sleep in the afternoon and when she does she has a hard time falling asleep at her 7PM bed time (go figure). It's a trade off though because she's a grouch in the evening if she's tired and when she naps she sleeps more soundly without as many night wakings or calling out for me. I figure if she falls asleep for a nap it means her little body needs some extra rest. Camp has been tiring her out. I'm still deciding if she can handle the five days. We may take off Thursday just to rest. She loves it because her favorite teachers are there and some of her classmates as well as a bunch of new kids.

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Rachel said...

I'm just wondering if Bella has bitten into that onion?? I can't imagine she would enjoy that too much! Addie looks so peaceful napping.