Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I try to tell my husband what a great Dad he is all of the time. I could be better though. I take for granted that I have a parenting equal in Justin. I am very lucky that he is right there in the trenches with me when it comes to our girls. He has a very special relationship with both of his girls and I know it's because he is involved. He combs knots out of freshly washed hair, reads stories, cuts up beans for dinner, wipes poop from bums, helps Addie decided on an outfit (no small feat), kisses boo boos, etc. It's not about just being present as a Dad, it's about doing the small things that shows our daughters that Dad is Dad and not just another adult in the house that wrestles around sometimes. In the little things Justin shows his girls that he loves them, and they love him for it.

This morning Addie and I made waffles for Dad and gave him his homemade picture frame she had decorated. Justin is taking Addie to Toy Story 3 today and as they left she was bouncing out of her shoes with excitement.Later we have a special steak dinner planned with Dad's favorite pecan pie. Love is in the labor of food preparations this Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to all our Dads! We love you.


Rachel said...

Happy Father's Day Uncle Justin! Love, Riley & Hadley

Terry said...

"Toy Story 3" seems to have been the common thread in everyone's Father's Day this year. Did Justin cry?