Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feng Shui

I admittedly know very little about Feng Shui. Other than it's the ancient Chinese art of arranging things in a harmonious and balanced way to promote health and happiness. I turned to Feng Shui in a desperate attempt to help Adelaide sleep more soundly at night. Her sleep has been so fitful lately that I am willing to try anything. I announced yesterday morning that I was going to rearrange her bedroom to move her bed away from the storage closet door she's so scared of. The head of her bed used to be on the other side of the wall housing the bathroom plumbing (toilet and shower). This is a Feng Shui no no. After the move her bed is on an inside wall not shared with a bathroom. Really, my only goal was to try to give Addie a comfortable and safe feeling place to sleep at night so she doesn't call out for me all night long while dreaming. I'm hoping this new arrangement suits her better.

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