Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hate to leave this gorgeous beach

Monday we maximized our time at the beach and got Bella her two naps before heading to the airport to fly home to Manila. Justin took the first nap duty while Adelaide and I made some friends at the beach. I was impressed with how outgoing my girl was this weekend. She walked right over to this little girl and asked her to sit and make a sand castle with her. We played and swam with Stephanie for a while. Addie was a tad bummed when she announced that she was going to swim at the pools with her brother. Justin and Bella came down so Addie had her favorite playmate to swim with.Do you know the muffin girl? Chocolate muffin we brought with us from the breakfast buffet.Off to get showered, fed, napped, packed, and back to Manila. So sad to say goodbye to Cebu!

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