Monday, June 21, 2010

packing our bags

In about 36 hours Addie, Bella, and I are wheels up on our R&R home to Washington State! I'm excited of course, but mostly anxious about the travel and packing right now. I always feel better when we are seated on the plane, our bags are checked in and getting loaded on the plane, the car seat is installed and we all have a moment to just sit there before the plane takes off. This will be my third flight around the world alone with my daughters (the first time Arabella rode first class back to the States in my belly). It's crucial for me to get mentally prepared for this marathon flying experience. It takes an immense amount of mental stamina to keep my Mom game face on for 24 hours straight with no sleep.

The plus side to this flight is that I already know it can't be any worse than last time; flying back to Manila with a two year old, an unhappy newborn, all our crap, using my breast pump on the airplane every three hours, and doing it all alone. This flight SHOULD be a piece of cake compared to that. My darling husband has scored mega huge points with all his girls by upgrading us all to business class seats for our flights on Wednesday. He is the BEST! Thank you so much honey! What an amazing guy. With this little perk, and arranging to have airport assistance help me by carrying luggage in Japan, it shouldn't be too much of a problem logistically. The problem really lies in how to entertain two busy girls for the uber long flights.

I just started packing and decided to allow myself my very own suitcase this trip. Imagine that! My little reward for not having to pack my breast pump. I can't recall the last time I had a suitcase containing ONLY my personal things. I usually pack my things, both girls' things, as well as all the kid toy and baby sleeping accouterments that are required, in one suitcase. This time, the girls have a suitcase for their stuff and I have one for mine-for now. I'm sure in the end I'll be stuffing a favorite bedtime story in the side pocket of my bag or shoving a few extra diapers on top of my shoes, but for right now I am packing it with my stuff and I'm not skimping. I'm bringing everything I want. We're even bringing an empty third suitcase for our resupplying shopping trip to Target (and Nordstrom Rack and Powell's).

The ten day forecast in my hometown, in Washington State, looks mighty chilly compared to the Manila summer we've had. The average temp is in the low 70's with the high of one day at 78 degrees. Unexpectedly, I am bringing a few pairs of jeans, long sleeves, and jackets for all of us. I'm not sure how I will get long pants on Adelaide or shoes and socks on Arabella. I put a pair on her today and she attempted walking but looked mostly like a broken robot teetering around in the crazy foot contraptions. I was thinking about it and Bella has truly never worn a sweater or socks let alone a jacket and a pair of closed toed shoes. Such is the life in the tropics.

One more day, a night, and a wake-up; then we are off!


Lindsey Mae's Blog (Jess) said...

Oh, have fun! It sounds funny now--when did weather in the 70s mean that we needed long sleeves and jeans? That was shorts and tank top weather when I was in high school in Portland! Manila does change us. :)

I'll have to pick your brain for ideas when I make the pilgrimage home with Lindsey all by myself.

Terry said...

Safe Travel Sara!! Enjoy!!