Friday, June 25, 2010

out and about

Grammy and I drove the girls downtown Portland, OR today to browse around Finnegan's toy store and hunt out some good vintage clothes. Having great cheap seamstresses available in Manila makes me want to find some old cool Dior jacket or something equally fun and get it revamped for me. I am on the look out. No luck with the clothes and it was kind of challenging with the two girls anyhow. They didn't mind the detour to the toy store one bit. Bella went up to every kid in the store and said "Hi". One little red head boy she wrapped her arms around his waist for a hug! She is so lovable and stinkin cute!

The girls couldn't wait to get back to Grammy and Grandpa's yard and who can blame them. The sit in traffic enough in Manila. The yard is a whole new playground for them.

After dinner we rolled down the hill and played soccer. Bella is getting aquainted with the grass The bird needed a nest!Our little garden fairy

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