Monday, June 28, 2010

she needed a Mom minute

Addie took a nap this afternoon. She woke the entire house up at 4AM from a bad dream and both girls couldn't get back to sleep. After an early morning, she needed some extra rest in the afternoon. Lucky for her that meant she had a later bed time than normal. I got Arabella to sleep then Addie, Grandpa, and I took a walk around the block. I miss one-on-one time with my eldest daughter. She's so funny and curious. I love hearing her thoughts on things. Note the baby doll on her back. This is her adopted doll at Grammy and Grandpa's house. Her name is Lucy.

Earlier that day we hit the playground again. Addie is riding the tricycle all on her own now. I can't believe how fast she picked it up.


Sunny said...

So I am stuck at home with two kids who have constant running diarrhea and I just miss you. These pictures make me miss you guys even more. Stella has been talking about how all of her friends moved away and left her. She talks about Addie a lot. Glad America is treating you right. Miss you so so much!

Sara said...

Oh this is so sad! Poor Stella and Tiger and more importantly poor you. I'm so sorry you all got sick! We miss you all too. We have had a seriously rough time sleeping with all the adjustments. I am barely getting by with a tiny bit of sleep. Let's skype!