Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily WA pics

Putting the girls to bed separately has proved to be more manageable. Now if only I could get Addie to let me sleep in my own bed. As it does every time we come back to the States, the girls have tummy aches and diarrhea from the milk. My girls drink a ton of milk. We've gone through 3 gallons in 6 days (we drink 10 liters in 6 days back in Manila). When the milk changes drastically from what we get in the Philippines their poor little tummies have a hard time with it. Hopefully it will pass soon.
It was another beautiful day playing outside, swinging, riding bikes, and swimming in Washington. We are seriously missing Daddy now though! We love you Justin.

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Sunny said...

Just talked to Justin tonight and he is going to come over after his trip to nam to play with the kids. He is that homesick. We miss you guys!