Monday, June 14, 2010

one day at a time

is how I manage my one year old right now. I say a little prayer at the end of each day saying thank you for getting Bella through another day without any major accidents. A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page that her one year old daughter is requiring her to wear a superhero cape right now. Man, I totally agree with that statement. Not only do I need a cape but super power as well. Bella is in that state of mad abandon. She's fearless and fast and curious. It makes for scary situations.

She tries to stand on the seat of her toy car. She throws her self precariously close to going over the back of the couch when she's playing. She runs and trips and slides on toys that are on the marble floors. She walks into door jams and puts everything (I mean EVERYTHING) in her mouth. She gets mouthfuls of dog hair and gags on it causing our hearts to jump to our throats every time. She gets under things and stands up crashing her head all the time. She stands on the toddler bed in Addie's room and jumps or dives off into my arms and tries to do the same even if I'm not right there to catch her. She peers in to the toilets, pulls at electrical cords, and picks up things way too big for her. She's strong, country strong and we are amazed that she can open the swinging kitchen door just enough to get her head, arm, or any other body part caught.

She's smart too and always moving. She's even moving and busy with a game she's discovered as we are sitting down with her milk before her nap. I hold her bottle for her and she proceeds to try to balance her pacifier on the side of her bottle. Sometimes she gets it and smiles, giddy with pride. Most of the time the pacifier slides off one side of the other and she just grabs it and tries again. I have to laugh because her little mind is always churning away. You can see in the picture what I am talking about. Oh, and she also has a serious obsession with the dog leash, as I've said before, it looks like she's cuddling the leash while she's drinking a bit of milk. She's looking like "What's the big deal Mom?"


Heather said...

Those little girls are getting so big! I love checking your blog and seeing what you are up to. Hope all is great!

Emily Joy said...

Sis I am so excited to see you and so soon too!