Tuesday, June 29, 2010

shout out to American retail

Oh how I love you, American shopping! You make me so happy. Especially when you come with no sales tax in Oregon.

My Mom looked up the closest Sephora for me and then suggested I go while Bella took her nap today. What a Mom! With the grandparents holding down the fort, I drove out to Clackamas Town Center to check out the Sephora. It's not as sprawling as the Tyson's Corner mega Sephora or as cool as the Georgetown shop but for this beauty product starved expatriate, it was perfect. I loaded up on my favorite Boscia products and then splurged on Miss Dior Cherie. Yum, this is delicious. The bright lights, rows of cosmetics, creams and potions made my head swoon. I could have done some serious damage but I kept myself in check. I probably should have pulled the trigger on some new under eye concealer for all my weary nights of motherhood but the perfume was way more fun and my Target concealer seems to do the trick for now.

Then in a serious effort to rebel against turning 30 I did the only thing any American apparel starved expat woman, who encroached upon her third decade of life this year, would do: I went on a shopping spree at Forever 21!

There are tons of fun hidden finds in this store. I used to love picking up super trendy pieces for super cheap here. Who needs the expensive version if the trend is going to fade faster than a pair purple suede pumps? I was amazed to see most of the same trends that are around the world in Asia in the States as well. The clothes in Forever 21 were made in Asia so I guess it makes sense. I have a printed skirt at home in Manila I got at Zara that's exactly the same as the one I tried on. Mine is cuter though.
Who knew Forever 21 could be this fun? I picked up that bright pink cocktail dress for less than $30! My favorite is the yellow linen skirt with the stripped button down shirt. The sales lady asked me if I was going on vacation. No honey, the US is the vacation. I'm just letting American retail absorb back into my pores.

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