Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daddy's second little Ewok

I was rooting through our bins of old clothes yesterday realizing that the clothing we (what seems like) just packed away which we too small for Addie are now the right size for Bella. I always find this or that in the bins that never got worn for the second child because I didn't know it was in there and Bella has already outgrown it. The 24 months clothes, that I still have vivid memories of Addie in, are now in Bella's drawers. This Daddy's little Ewok shirt is, by far, Justin's favorite. I set it aside last night so she could wear it for when Daddy got home. My girls have never worn this shirt with pants. It's just not that kind of shirt. It's definitely a Dad's-in-charge-for-an-afternoon-and-can't-be-bothered-with-pants kind of shirt. A diaper is the only option for this ensemble.

Girlie number 2 as a little Ewok. I love this action shot, even if it's fuzzy because it's got Bean written all over it. She's a dare devil and will stand at the edge of the couch like that and leap herself onto the cushions on the floor. Last night she was giving me a heart attack as usual.

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pdxkatie said...

Between the Powell's Star Wars tee and this one, I am sensing your girls will like Evan's collection of Star Wars legos and lightsabers!

Do you have the lightsaber app? Keeps Evan busy for at least 4 minutes :)

SO DAMM excited for July!