Tuesday, June 8, 2010

trying (and failing) to run off energy

I had to wake Adelaide up from her afternoon nap at 4:30 PM yesterday. She probably would have slept until dinner. Justin got home early after a short business trip. After chowing some homemade pizza we hit the neighborhood park to let the girls run off some energy. Addie showed signs of sleepiness at 7:30PM so we got her in bed and then listened to her whine and cry and call for us until 9:15PM! She will not be taking another nap anytime soon no matter how cranky she gets after dinner. Her nap yesterday was basically negated because she ended up going to sleep 2 hours later than normal and still waking up at 5:40 AM. I'll take a cranky 3 year old at 6PM over giving up my entire evening with my husband having to fetch glasses of water, sing songs, soothe fears, and sit on the edge of her bed so she won't be afraid. Both Justin and I lost our temper with her when she woke up Arabella screaming. I hate ending my day like that. We normally don't have bedtime issues with Addie so I think we are going to call off the naps. It just didn't work for us yesterday. Tonight my girl will be crashing when her heat hits the pillow at 7PM.Bella loves the park. Especially running around in the grass like she is here. She falls every few minutes and gets thoroughly muddy and gross. She's pretty notorious for chasing the kids who are playing with balls.

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