Sunday, July 18, 2010

weekend of cousins-Sunday

My Grandma (84 this year) and Aunt Ruth both celebrated their birthdays this week so the family had a party at my Uncle Mike's house this afternoon. The weather was lovely and the yard was a good spot to keep the kids away from the non-baby proof house. Once again, the highlight was spending time with my cousins Binta and Jaron and their daughter Amira. Adelaide was thrilled to have a playmate and we planned ahead and brought dress-up clothes for both girls. We blew bubbles, ate cake, posed for lots of pictures and enjoyed the family company. I adored seeing Amira and Addie one year older. The girls are so funny how they act a little reserved toward one another at first but you can see that deep down they are ecstatic at the idea of having a friend to play with. Addie was right in front for the main attraction of the birthday party.
Bella took a liking to Alex, especially his hat.
My Grandma had two of her great granddaughters eagerly helping her unwrap her gifts.
Cousins is such a special friendship. Both girls have a knack for ridiculous faces when you tell them to smile. Addie was a cake monster Bella played along with the older girls and dug into her cake pretty fiercely. She also decided to pull out a cold one in honor of her Daddy. She's got good taste, it was a Hefeweizen and it tasted icy good.

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