Monday, July 12, 2010

"The Beach House"

That was actually it's name. I'm not into naming houses but I thought this one needed a better name. Putting it's name aside, the house was awesome. Bella got her own room which is key for her to get some good rest. Addie slept with me in a big comfy pillow top queen sized bed and so of course she loved it. Mom and Dad had the master suite and poor Meg took the couch so Bella could have her own space. A happy baby really allows for a happy family. Meg is such a good Auntie and a tropper for waking up to Addie and I every morning between 6 and 7 AM coming up the stairs. She'd pull out an ear plug and I'd tell her to go down stairs and hop in our warm bed for a few extra hours of morning sleep (I was totally jealous, morning sleep is my favorite). The kitchen was fully stocked and made cooking really easy. We had three amazing meals all cooked at home. I set my parent's Folger's aside and bought some Kona coffee for the family to share. I'd get it ready the night before and flip the on switch as Addie snuggled into her recliner for some toons. Addie was excited the Dish network TV had Dora the Explorer on as early as she wanted to get up in the morning (one day both girls slept until 7:15-sweet baby jesus it was heaven). There were two decks of the house, one with a grill. The girls loved playing out there while we finished dinner. The view was especially pretty. Yes, the ballerina costume came with us. This is me saying we've had enough TV this morning, lets do some art work. Bella loved it because I gave her a few crayons to play with. Addie wanted a tutorial on what the dish washer was. I had to get some photos of her and Bella inspecting this modern appliance. Neither of them have really seen one much and I find it funny that living overseas makes an electric dishwasher a novelty to my three year old and a play thing for my one year old.

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