Monday, July 26, 2010

enjoying a meal (and a day)

It doesn't get much better than loading up a dinner plate and walking outside to the shaded outdoor furniture to eat a home cooked meal in the breezy summer evening. These are my favorite moments with my family. What family doesn't revolve around food? The girls chowed Grammy's spaghetti tonight after a busy day playing outside in the sunshine. I'm purposefully keeping my girls busy so they eat well and crash hard at night. Truly, that's what summer is all about as a kid. We walked the Salmon Creek trail this morning. Addie road her tricycle until she had a meltdown. Bella road in the wagon until it was her meltdown turn-then she road in the backpack. We kissed Aunt Emily goodbye tonight after dinner. We had a lovely visit with her this weekend and will miss her dearly. No, my 15 month old didn't feed herself her ice cream with a spoon but according to this picture she sure knows how to. Clever girl.Chocolate sauce trip for sure!I love this shot even with Addie's eyes closed. Bella looks to her sister for everything. She copies everything her big sister does. Bella things Addie is pretty awesome. Walking the Salmon Creek trail I used to run as a teenager. It was hot and tougher with a monkey on my back. Arabella and Grandpa after they both had a three hour nap today. Sporting the same bed-head. We love you Em! Thanks for being such a wonderful and willing Auntie this weekend. The girls love playing with you. All you need to remember is how on Friday night Addie wouldn't calm down to go to sleep until I told her that you were going to be at Grammy and Grandpa's house all weekend and that she could play with you the entire time. "She's not going back to her house?" she asked half a sleep in her bed. "No sugar, she's staying with us." The look of relief on her face was noticeable.

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Rachel said...

It sure does look and sound like you all had a glorious day! The girls just keep getting cuter! Miss you guys!