Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ester Short Park

We were up and out of the house extra early on Saturday to spend the cool early morning hours at Ester Short Park in Vancouver. They have a nice farmer's market, playground, and water fountain to play in. This is our second trip to the park since being on r&R. Aunt Emily is in town for the weekend so we got to bring her to play! I revisited Fudge Fix that my lovely Mother-in-law treated me to last time we were at the market. 5 bars for $15 baby! You better believe I got the 5. You must try this fudge if you are in Vancouver. It's amazing. My favorites are their Snickers fudge, the milk chocolate caramellow, and the chocolate mint. Seriously good fudge. Anyhow, we ate, played and got wet! Always a good combination for lots of fun.

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Terry said...

Eating, playing and getting wet, the perfect trifecta at any age. Snickers fudge doesn't hurt either.