Tuesday, July 20, 2010

in America

In America...

there is fresh air

we can play barefoot outside

there is an abundance of velvety soft toilet paper

there is an abundance of pretty much everything

fresh milk comes by the gallon

driving in the car is like riding a roller coaster; our arms are up and we say "weee" every time we go up and down a hill since we are going 35 mph or more!

we can drink from the faucet or even the hose outside

we don't have to ration the cheese

my daughter gets noticed for her interesting fashion choices not because she's blonde and blue eyed.

cops are for real and we have to follow all the traffic laws. Or else!

all our clothes are wrinkly when we put them on and it's totally cool.

spiders are the culprits not the roaches.

I can rinse after I brush my teeth or even open my mouth in the shower!
When I come across the Goldfish crackers at the store I don't have to "stock up". There is Goldfish crackers at the store EVERYDAY!

no yaya means Bella gets lots of extra Mommy time. This was my work out for the day.

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