Tuesday, July 6, 2010

in and out in the Pacific Northwest

Painting a bird house with your Auntie could never be quite as awesome if you are wearing clothes. Panties and an apron are where it's at. Aunt Emily headed back north yesterday and she had to sneak some kisses on Bella. You definitely have to steal your snuggles with her. She rarely cuddles voluntarily and never for more than a second. She's just got to much to do and see to be bothered by it.
The inaugural fruit roll-up was devoured at the cafe in Powell's City of Books yesterday. I had a few moments to find some used books I was looking for but Addie was far more excited about the shortbread cookie we bought to snack on. I love love love Powell's. Yes, she wore her ballerina tutu dress and knee socks. Jealous?
Adelaide's nail salon was open for customers this morning. Grammy, Grandpa, and Megan all had their toes done. It took awhile for it to dry and you had to avoid getting the vegetation stuck in the sticky paint but all in all we thought she is ready to open her road side salon cart.
I think this picture says it all about the old Dodge 600. The family has felt a little nauseated by it's sight for a long time now. You're not alone in this feeling Arabella.

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Rachel said...

If only we could all paint birdhouses in our panties and apron! What a sight that would be! Tell Addie I'm ready for my pedicure too!