Sunday, July 25, 2010

fancy fun family play date

I'm sure Adelaide thought it was Fancy Nancy come to life when her cousin Emme's Mama brought out a beautiful platter of pastries from La Petite Provence for their snack today! Emme, Addie, Bella, and Evan all enjoyed the delicious yummies. Moms, Dad, and Grandpa snuck a few tastes during our play date too. I love hanging out with my cousins Jeff and Katie. They are infinitely cool people (the proof is in the French pastries) and have a really nice relaxed parenting style that makes play dates with the little ones so easy and fun! Laid-back Mums and Pops unite!! The playhouse was a hit outside in the backyard as was the pool and play food. The sunshine combined with their wonderful tree shaded yard was perfect for swinging in the hammock and teaching Emme "On top of Spaghetti". She requested it three times in a row (who wouldn't?). These little cousins are so cute together. At the end of the morning they were walking hand in hand. Addie said "let's do it together because we are friends." Play date mission accomplished!


Heather said...

Looks like you are having a great time at home with the girls! I love seeing updates on how you all are doing, thanks for doing such a great blogging job!

Terry said...

Who doesn't love a playhouse? Megan needs to take her paints to it for that touch of pizazz.