Tuesday, July 13, 2010

fetching our dinner in Newport

I was starting to feel the decision of skipping Arabella's nap when we drove down into Newport to pick out our dinner. I have to give her lots of credit though because it was about 1:30 PM at this time and she had been awake since 7AM. Any 14 month old would be tired at this point. We were on the hunt for a fishing boat advertising a catch that would yield fresh fish at a cheaper price than the big vendors would charge. The Chelsea Rose was our boat. Mom and Megan went and negotiated our dinner. Fresh caught halibut and a live crab came home with us that day and grilled and steamed up tasted nothing less than fantastic. There is nothing better than fresh from the boat seafood. As a side note: Bella screamed for 30 minutes on the drive back to the beach house and then finally passed out in her car seat. For the first time in both of my daughter's lives I was able to pick her up from her seat and lay her down in her crib for a nap without her waking. Miracle! I guess it took some fresh sea air to knock her out.

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