Wednesday, July 14, 2010

low tide

Getting up early with the low tide is tradition in my family. A couple of the mornings Mom and Meg were out the door to walk the low tides before even eating breakfast. The girls and I got to see some of the tide pools during low tide in the morning on Sunday. After breakfast we got bundled up and walked to the beach (out the door). We didn't get out early enough for the tide to be at it's lowest but it was still fun. We saw sea anemones, mini horseshoe crabs, star fish, and lots of barnacles. The girls wanted to climb all over the low slippery rocks and for obvious reasons I kept a tight hold on their hands. It was great fun to see the ocean floor uncovered with them.
Is anyone noticing that Adelaide is wearing a dress on the beach. I think I forced her to put on a pair of shorts under this dress but could not win the battle to wear pants. She kills me!


Justin said...

I love the second picture in this post. I want it framed. Love you girls, can't wait to see you.

Terry said...

I'll bet you won't have the same problem with Bella and dresses.