Monday, July 12, 2010

The Oregon Coast Aquarium

We headed off early on Friday morning to Newport for an aquarium visit. When I heard it opened at 9AM (sweet American early hours) I made the executive decision that we try to get there as early as possible. Arabella would miss her morning nap. This was a risk I decided I was willing to take. The girls loved the aquarium. The touching pool was a hit as well as feeding time for the seals and sea lions. Bella kind of had a thing for this huge horseshoe crab. I personally enjoyed the jelly fish. Grandpa and Grandma let the girls pick out a little stuffed sea friend at the gift shop. Bella wouldn't put down the penguin once she had it in her arms and Addie chose a white sea lion. She named her Ella.
We grabbed lunch at the cafe on our way out. We ate outside so the girls could play at the animal playground while we waited for food. The cafe has a little squirrel friend that was not afraid to get close to scavenge for leftovers. Bella thought this was hilarious and loved watching the squirrel come and grab her Cheerios or french fries. The little squirrel was so daring I felt him brush my feet a couple of times running under our chairs trying to get all of Bella's droppings. Little nut with one of Bella's half chewed french fries.

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